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by Eli W7ELI on 2014-07-20

Robert WX5TEX gave a very good HF 101 class at last month’s meeting: a good balance of technical info and basic how-to to keep everybody interested. Thanks, Robert!

John KF7ZWX will be presenting Electrical Safety and Grounding this month, a topic we should all know something about! Thank you, John!

All team leaders should give their team members who are not yet ARRO certified their check off sheets. This way you will all know what you have left to accomplish. Take your sheet with you whenever you work a drill or event and see if the person in charge can check you off on any of the tasks. When the sheet is complete, give it back to your team leader or to Eli either at a general meeting or you can scan and email it to eliza [dot] pride [at] gmail [dot] com.

Robert WX5TEX has completed and leadership has approved the qualifications for the High Frequency Radio Operator (HFRO) certification. The check sheet will be on the web site soon and we will have copies available at the July general meeting. Basic ARRO certification and a General class license or higher are prerequisites. This is an optional voluntary add-on certification for those who are interested. It is recommended for team members whose served agency has HF capability.

Adam KF7LJH is working on the Digital Radio Operator (DRO) certification requirements and those will be coming soon. ARRO certification is a prerequisite. This is also optional and voluntary for anyone who is interested. It is recommended for team members whose served agency has digital capability. Adam will also be giving another WinLink presentation at the September meeting.

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