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by Deb KK7DEB on 2015-08-20

The city of Gresham has been granted its station call sign, WG7EOC. Thanks to Robert WX5TEX for getting this accomplished.

On July 26, MCARES participated in the Sunday Parkways bike event. Matthew AF7PV and Andrew W7TKX managed traffic control at our intersection, while Steve W7SRH, Deb KK7DEB, John K7TY, Chris KE7OSH, and Bob KG7JKQ passed out information about ham radio and Multnomah County ARES. We all had a great time meeting and talking with the participants.

The first annual MCARES HF Campout was held August 15-16. Adam KF7LJH brought his 40-foot mast and strung two antennas from it. Nate N9VCU was a crack shot with his bow and arrow, getting lines over the trees to run another antenna. Robert conducted his HF training and certified three new HF operators. Congratulations to Carrie KG7NZP, Kiri K7KAH, and Ann KF7RBV! In all we had eleven MCARES members, some “significant others” and one-year-old baby Wyatt. Contacts were made with Maryland and Illinois and with a Navajo code talker. The NTTN (Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net) was run from our campsite with Marino as net control. It was loads of fun, the setting was beautiful, and we all decided we must do this every year for TWO nights. Hope you will join us next year!

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