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by Eli W7ELI on 2015-08-23

Our training at the general meeting this month will be Traffic Handling. We will split into basic and advanced groups with Michael AE7XP presenting the basics to include similarities and differences between NTS Radiograms and ICS 213s. He will cover sending and receiving protocols and how to format a simple NTS radiogram. I will present the advanced portion and cover more of the complexities of NTS traffic, book traffic, ARL numbered radiograms and how to deal with a complex emergency management form when the receiving station doesn’t have the blank form.

Our Drill from Home on September 12 will be based on this training. Participants will create an NTS radiogram message, then check into the command net. Net control will pair up AROs and send them to a simplex frequency to exchange their messages. The simplex frequencies will be monitored by an experienced traffic handler who can offer guidance and correction. AROs will report back to the command net when they have sent and received a message and then they will be dismissed.

I will be presenting another ARO Basics workshop on September 3 and a Traffic Handling workshop on September 17. These workshops are for new/provisional members to get them on their way to ARRO certification. They cover all the items on the ARRO task list. If anyone else needs a refresher, let me know and I will get you in if there is room.

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