by Eli W7ELI on 2014-02-08

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The Northwest Traffic and Training Net provides daily practice in handling formal written traffic. Every evening of the year the NTTN meets on the linked repeaters of the Western Oregon Radio Club (WORC) at 18:05. The frequencies are 145.27, 145.43, 145.47, 146.80, and 443.150 MHz all with a tone of 107.2 Hz.

Message handling is the main thing we as ARES operators do for our served agencies and it is imperative that we do it accurately and efficiently. One can learn a lot by listening to this net, and even more by participating. Since it is a training net, you will find that everyone on the net is supportive of new traffic handlers. All ARES members are strongly encouraged to participate in this net as often as possible. While the net only deals with National Traffic System (NTS) formatted traffic, the underlying protocol and skills also apply to other types of formal traffic, such as ICS 213.

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