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by Nathan NA7EE on 2014-01-21

We are hitting the ground running for 2014 with the January 25 exercise. We will be testing a new Life Safety Net in coordination with the BOEC 911 Call Center staff. We will also be providing net control for the PBEM NET/BEECN portion of the exercise and exchanging traffic on the Command Net with our served agencies. All ARES operators will first check into the Resource Net and Check out there when their portion of the drill is over.

Multnomah County Emergency Management has purchased 14 headsets and 7 splitters to be distributed to our served agencies. We have also received an orange “Kent” Go-Kit for our use for exercises and training. This kit includes a Yeasu FT-7800 dual band radio, power supply, tripod and Comet Superbeam mobile antenna along with all the cables, connectors, etc.

Garrett AF7RF has been working hard to untangle the Red Card issue with Oregon Emergency Management. A lost batch of cards has been found and Garrett should have them at the January meeting.

We have acquired the use of a new repeater from Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) which owns and operates the K7RPT repeater system. I am working on a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). The frequency is 147.040 + (100.0 Hz tone).

Portland Amateur Radio Club, Hoodview Amateur Radio Club, and ARRG are all very generous in granting us the use of their repeaters. I encourage all of you to support these clubs with your membership and/or contributions. It takes a lot of time, effort and cash to maintain these repeaters, and the clubs are deserving or our support.

I hope to see you at the January 23 meeting.

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