Weekly MCARES Net News

by Marino KG7EMV on 2016-02-13

Thank you everybody for participating in our Weekly MCARES Wednesday Net. The 2015 numbers are in and we got just shy of one thousand checkins to the Net! The tallied total for 2015 is 972 checkins; an average of 18 per week.

Here are the most dedicated MCARES net participants of 2015:

Name/Callsign      Checkins
Deb KK7DEB 51
Eli W6ELI 49
Dylan W7KEF 37
John KF7ZWX 37
Michael AE7XP 36
Marino KG7EMV 35
Steve W7SRH 35
Lori W3LOR 34
Matthew AF7PV 34
Nate N9VCU 34
Rolf KI4HOP 32
Paul N7NTW 31
Helen KE7SCS 29
Adam KF7LJH 28


Thank you to all who participated and those who took their turns at Net Control!

We are looking forward to training a new class of operators and getting them certified as Net Control Operators. If you have any questions about this certification please inquire with our new training manager, Steve Konrad AF7DD.

We have heard your feedback and in 2016 we will shake up things a bit and try to make this Wednesday Net even more informative and interesting for you. While the initial part of the Net will retain the familiar preamble and check-in sections, in the latter part of the Net we will experiment with different formats and bring original content. This may include notable special guests, flash talks (5 minutes max) on subjects of interest and updates from the ECs or other EmComm group representatives. Some ideas are in the works. We cannot do it without your input and feedback! Let us know what you think by sending us email at leadership [at] multnomahares [dot] org.

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