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by Steve W7SRH on 2016-02-09

On Thursday January 21, I along with three other leadership team members, Deb KK7DEB, Adam KF7LJH, and Steve AF7DD, made a presentation at the monthly Hoodview Amateur Radio Club (HARC) meeting. Our focus was on the MCARES mission as well as providing an update on our comms trailer project. HARC made a donation to the trailer fund raising drive. The following evening, January 22, I gave a comms trailer update to the Portland Amateur Radio Club (PARC). PARC is a major sponsor of the trailer project.

On Sunday, February 8, I attended a Western Oregon Radio Club (WORC) D-Star workshop where I made several contacts and did some networking with WORC and OTVARC members. On February 9, I gave a brief recruitment presentation to the Multnomah Neighborhood Association meeting.

On Sunday January 25, members of the leadership team met to discuss and develop a new member recruitment strategy. On Monday February 8, Deb, Eli W7ELI, Steve and I met to continue the discussion on recruitment and new member strategy. I have made contact with six VEs to discuss their assistance in disseminating MCARES recruitment materials to hams who just passed their technician test or upgraded their license. Also, during this same time frame I have made several MCARES recruitment QSTs on the Heart Net, NET Net and the ARES D1 Net. Follow-up letters were sent to eight prospective members following the January general membership meeting.

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