Training & Certification News

by Eli W7ELI on 2013-12-25

Team leaders have been trained to evaluate their team members and check off tasks. Most of the team leaders have finished their ARRO (ARES/RACES Radio Operator) qualifications. Our training plan has been written in its official incarnation and is under final review. Once the 2014 training schedule has been determined, it will be submitted to Lisa Clarke, the Oregon Section AEC-Training.

Several members have been honing their traffic handling skills on the NTTN (Northwest Traffic and Training Net) and on our weekly net. It’s amazing how quickly they learn! We are trying to assure that at least one piece of traffic gets sent every week on the ARES net. Be ready; the next one might be for you!

Many Thanks to Sonny KF7SUH for a great “Alternate Power Sources” training at the November meeting. It was both entertaining and informative.

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