Training & Certification News

by Eli W7ELI on 2017-06-21

The updated Training Plan and its summary have been posted to the website under Training. The update reflects changes at the state level. The ARRO Task List has also been updated, to be more in line with what is actually presented at the Basics Workshop.

The next ARRO workshops will be Thursdays, October 5 and 19. If you do not have your ARRO Certificate, please save these dates. Until then, be working on completing the IS-100, IS-200, and IS-700 online FEMA classes.

Please email me your completion certificates (to eliza [dot] pride [at] gmail [dot] com) as you get them so I know you are making progress. New members have one year from their join date to complete the FEMA classes and the two workshops.

Out of our 81 active members, 73 are ARRO certified. That is AWESOME! Also, 19 have Net Control certificates, 24 are HF certified, and 21 have their Packet RMS certificates.

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