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by Steve AF7DD on 2016-02-21

A new year brings new opportunities to improve communication skills and have some fun along the way. We completed our January General Meeting with 74 in attendance, including some who were there to express interest in becoming a member of ARES.

Some of the areas the organization will focus on this year include building on our excellent General Meeting training experiences. In addition, we will soon be announcing new content and material in response to the year-end surveys you have completed.

Recruiting is a second area leadership will focus on during the year. Steve W7SRH is leading a small group and is currently assembling a tactical plan to achieve an additional 30 members this year. This may include a licensing class for those seeking to become a ham and an ARES member.

We currently have over 15 people who have completed the Net Control workshop, and they are getting scheduled through Marino KG7EMV to run their first MCARES Weekly Net.

Our February General Meeting focuses on ICS forms and logging (ICS 309, 213, and 214). Eli W7ELI and I will team teach this meeting.

Our March General Meeting focuses on Net Control and Net Protocol. Guest speaker Hal KC7ZZB will be our lead for this meeting. Hal is Net Manager for the D1 Net, assistant manager for the NTTN and has years of experience as net control for the Race for the Cure and other public service events as well as some actual disaster radio experience. This should be an entertaining and informative meeting.

Remember that resistance is not futile. It’s voltage divided by current.

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