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by Steve AF7DD on 2016-04-18

Both Adam KF7LJH and John K7TY have been preparing for our next general meeting. The topic for April is Winlink: Packet, Pactor, P2P, attaching files, templates, etc.

The WinLink Webinar for those of you who need assistance in installing and configuring the WinLink software on your computer, (no radio or TNC required) will be on Thursday, May 5.

MCARES has been busy creating and delivering opportunities for our membership to improve skills and knowledge. Some items under consideration include adding value to our weekly net meetings, new member orientations at the beginning of our monthly general meetings, and broadening our reach in the community.

Our weekly nets now include a brief topic of interest to ARO’s. These are 8-10 minute “knowledge drops” after all checkins and before we close out the net. We had Jeff Sperley discuss the MARS system recently. Other future topics include how the Forest Service operates in emergencies, how a hospital participates in relaying communications in an event, and basic radio operation. If you have ideas that you would like to see addressed please send me an email with a topic. If you have something you are passionate about and are interested in bringing that topic to the net, please contact me.

We have a standing meeting at 6:30 PM (before our general meeting starting at 7:00 PM) for all new or renewing members. We are here to answer questions and solve problems for all associate members as well.

Both Steve W7SRH and I have been working with Portland Public Schools to begin a new ham club. There will be an initial meeting on April 17 to introduce MCARES, to introduce membership, and also to help them get started with their first licensing event. See me with your training needs or ideas at our next monthly general meeting on Thursday, April 28 or email me at training [at] multnomahares [dot] org.

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