Training & Certification News

by Eli W7ELI on 2015-05-18

By request of the SEC, Vince Van Der Hyde K7VV, we have new instructions for how to use the ICS 309 Communication Log form. I have redone our version of the 309 to conform and I think it will be much easier to log messages this way. The form will be introduced at the May general meeting. It is already posted on the website. Please purge your electronic and paper files of all old 309 forms! You’re going to like the new one much better!

Training for the May meeting is Traffic Handling, and from the last SET and the Deployment Tour last Saturday, everyone needs a refresher. Please come and hone your traffic handling skills. We will divide into two groups, one for basic message handling presented by Michael AE7XP, and one for experienced message handlers which will cover book traffic, using ARRL numbered radiograms, more extensive NTS protocols for how to send email addresses and URLs in the text of a message and other nitty gritty details.

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