Pre-Net Checkins and Early Outs

by Eli W7ELI on 2019-06-28

The weekly MCARES net meets every Wednesday at 7:00 PM on MC-1 (except on the second Wednesday of the month, when we either do a simplex net or use our portable or cross-band repeater). This is an information net which starts with a brief training “Gem” and an opportunity for questions and sharing when net control asks, “Are there any announcements, questions, contacts, or other business for the net?” We want your participation!

This is not just a numbers net where all we want is the maximum number of checkins. Therefore, checking in with net control before the net starts or checking in at the beginning of the net and asking for an early out is not appropriate. If you have other obligations and can’t make the net, that’s OK. There are no “Brownie points” for a hit-and-run checkin.

The net rarely runs for more than 30 minutes. Once you do check in, you are expected to stay on frequency throughout the net. There are often more announcements at the end of the net, or people asking for contacts after the net. It is sad when they find the person they heard check in is no longer on the air. And if you stick around a little longer, there is often an informal “rag chew” after the net closes.

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