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by Deb KK7DEB on 2017-03-17

It appears that we have a record turnout for the Walk MS event on April 15. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to support our communications efforts. It also looks like ABJ Drones, who were at our February meeting, want to join in with a demonstration of video back to the Comms trailer. Pretty exciting stuff!

It is never a good thing when we have two events on back to back weekends but we hope you will also help out with the State Spring SET the following weekend on April 22. The exercise will focus on shelter locations throughout the County. We have 10 sites on our radar and really need a good turnout to get the job done. Adam has challenged us to “Beat Washington County” by having the most locations staffed in the whole state. This Spring SET is special to us because it was written by Multnomah County ARES leadership at the request of the Oregon Section Emergency Coordinator, and we are proud of the result. Contact your team leader if you can participate.

The March 23 ARES meeting will feature guest speaker Alice Busch, Operations Division Chief for Multnomah County Emergency Management. We are very fortunate to have a really great working relationship with the county emergency management team. A special thanks to Chris Voss and Alice Busch for funding our website fees for the next three years!

The Bravo and Echo team drill was March 11 and all who participated agreed it was a great success and learning experience. We will take a break from team drilling for April as we focus on Walk MS and the State SET. May will bring together the Delta and Charlie teams for their first exercise together.

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