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by Deb KK7DEB on 2019-03-12

Yay! I think spring is finally happening. It has been a very interesting winter and I am looking forward to a little warmth and sunshine.

The last of this winter’s exercises from home is happening on March 30. We hope you all have a chance to participate in the SSTV drill. We start our outdoor activities on April 26 and 27 with the Spring Statewide ARES SET.

Walk MS will be May 11 and this year the event will be happening at the Oregon Zoo. Watch for an email from Brian KE7QPV for sign up details.

We have planned this year to keep everyone busy with many opportunities to keep their operating skills sharp and several Saturday workshops. The recent J­-pole build workshop was well attended. 15 members and one non­-member went home with new antennas. Our sincere thanks to John KI7LYP for making these workshops possible.

New radio rack in the comms trailer

The ARES trailer has been sitting idle this winter but much has been happening on the inside. A new radio rack has been installed on the right side of the desk toward the front of the trailer. There are seven new radios: three commercial VHF, one commercial UHF, one­ 1.25 meters, one­ 800 MHz and one Civil Air Patrol VHF. The addition of these radios greatly expands our communication capabilities.

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