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by Deb KK7DEB on 2018-10-21

Things are winding down as we begin the fall season. The Portland NET Citywide Exercise was October 14 and five of our digital go-kits were deployed around the city to demonstrate the capabilities of Winlink. A lot of our members participated either as NET or ARES radio operators. Thank you to all for a job well done!

Our focus now is preparing for the statewide ARES SET on November 8. This exercise looks like a fun and multi-faceted relay system using multiple modes and methods. Several legs of the single message journey will require our collective innovative minds. Some methods discussed are a kayak trip across the Willamette River and a bike trip to an awaiting portable digital go-kit station, just to name a few. I cannot say more as this is a competition type message relay with our other county ARES brothers and sisters, so secrecy is paramount. You can join the fun and adventure by signing up to help. Look for the recent email from Nate with a link to the Sign Up Genius.

The yearly ARES survey is being formulated so look for that coming your way soon. We really appreciate your feedback to help the leadership team plan for next year’s training, exercises and activities.

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