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by Deb KK7DEB on 2015-12-10

Our County EM, Chris Voss, has requested that we develop mobile response teams with digital capability to serve various county communication needs. We also need to strengthen our served agency teams. This will require a focus on recruiting this year. Steve W7SRH, our PIO, and I will work together in this new recruitment effort and we will need everyone’s help.

Our vision is to have geographical teams of three to four operators that can be rapidly deployed. Let me know if you are interested in being on one of these teams. The first pilot team is the West County Mobile Team with Steve W7SRH as team leader. We hope to expand to other areas as our membership grows.

We hope to have the trailer finished in early 2016 and plan to put it to work in our recruitment effort. If you know of an emergency preparedness event that could be a recruitment opportunity, please let Steve or me know.

Welcome to our new members, Kirk KG7WXN, Bill KG7SEU, Lily KG7WYG, Leslie KG7VGL, Pete KG7MRZ, Lou KG7SUF, and Herman KG7ZBI. Please reach out and greet them at the January meeting.

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