From the EC’s Desk

by Nathan NA7EE on 2013-10-15

My sincere thanks to Vaughn AC7HO for taking on the redesign of our newsletter. His ongoing time and efforts are very appreciated.

Kiri K7KAH has agreed to assist Multnomah County ARES as the new Net Manager. I am excited to have her on the leadership team, and am sure she’ll do an excellent job in this post. It’s really great to expand the leadership team, as the more involvement we have in operating Multnomah ARES, the better off our Served Agencies and membership will be. A great thanks to Kiri. Thanks also to Greg for his service as interim net manager.

The November 2 Hack Attack SET is taking shape. This exercise simulates a terrorist cyber attack which takes down the Internet in the entire west coast causing power outages, loss of cell and landline phone service, and disrupted communication for traffic signals and many other services, as well as banking and retail. We will be operating on simplex only and testing local Winlink/RMS packet. Thanks to Adam, Greg, Deb and Eli for coordinating Multnomah County ARES’s part in this statewide exercise.

Hope to see you all on the 24th.

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