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by Nathan NA7EE on 2014-02-13

Hello fellow ARES members,

I would like to take this opportunity to relay my appreciation for all of your work in making ARES work. We all come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences. I really am happy with the organization we are building, and feel that our ability to attract a diverse group of communicators is a boon to our community.

To fill you all in about my background as an amateur radio operator, I have been a ham since 1993. My middle school had an amateur radio club as an after school activity, and during the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years, I passed my tech no-code exam. At that time, a separate code test was required for 10m privileges, which I passed in the same year. So, I am indeed one of the crotchety hams who had to take the code test. ;)

Looking through my online logbook the other day, I came across the first 10 meter contact I made on my school’s HF rig. It had been backfilled by the other ham, so it wasn’t just a figment of my jittery mic-handed imagination. I barely remember the apprehension I had during my early contacts, so for those of you who are recently licensed, I encourage you to get as much mic time and operating experience as possible. Any nervousness you have now will fade quickly with experience.

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