From the EC’s Desk

by Nathan NA7EE on 2014-03-18

Hello fellow ARES members,

What a great meeting last month! We had 43 turn out for the ARRO check-off session. It is really important we get this state ARES mandated training underway. Our goal is to have all active members certified by June. The March training will cover the Traffic Handling portion of the certification. I hope you will all attend this part-two session.

Please join me in thanking Multnomah County Emergency Management for their financial support. They have paid our website fees for the next three years. We are fortunate to have County EM staff that is so supportive and appreciative of our volunteer services.

Welcome to our newest members: Dan, Richard, and Mathew. I am very pleased to see our membership grow. To date we have 53 active members and 25 inactive and supporting members. Thanks to all for spreading the word and encouraging other hams to join us.

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