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by Nathan NA7EE on 2014-05-19

Hello Fellow ARES Members,

Kudos to Robert WX5TEX and John KD7BCY for holding their first Tech license class earlier this month. Sixteen new hams emerged on the test day. A big Thanks to the CARS group for supplying the VEs for the exam.

I hope those of you who attended the PBEM radio tour on May 10 had a good time. I was very happy to see so many new faces. I think this event gives all of us a great overview of the ham radio equipment at our served agencies.

The Walk MS event was a huge success. Thanks to Adam, Deb, Robert, and Garrett for organizing and running the event and to Mark McKay and PBEM for the use of the comms trailer. Thanks to all of you who participated and helped the many new hams with this valuable training.

The next big ARES public service event is the Disaster Relief Trials on July 19. These guys and their cargo bikes are really fun to watch. I hope you can come out and help provide communications for this one. If you are interested, send me an email at N9VCU [at] arrl [dot] net.

I am thrilled with the meeting attendance. We have had over 40 at every meeting this year! At the same time, our weekly net participation is dwindling. Try to get on the net on Wednesday evenings for some airtime. The QST, comments, and questions call is your time to bring up any question or topic for discussion. You can also arrange a contact for a chat after the net.

Hope to see you at the May 22 meeting and hear you on the net every Wednesday.

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