Clark County Friday Night Roundtable Net is Worth a Listen

by Lori W3LOR on 2016-03-11

One of the Nets that has captured my personal interest is the Friday Night Roundtable offered by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club on the second, third, and fourth Fridays at 7:00 P.M. on 147.24+ (tone 94.8). All stations are welcome and encouraged to participate, even if they are not club members.

What’s so great about it? Everyone participates as much or as little as they want! Less experienced hams that feel shy about speaking on the air will find it to be a friendly place, as well as a wonderful source of tips and insights. Experienced hams will find an eager audience that wants to learn from their experiences.

Net Control chooses the subject, and suggestions for subjects may be submitted to roundtable [at] w7aia [dot] org. For the past several weeks, subjects have included etiquette and protocols to use on the air, how to participate in a net, and unusual things that can be used for antennas.

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