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by Deb KK7DEB on 2023-07-19

This month’s meeting will be in person at the Community Hall at the Portland Community College SE campus. I will send more details next week for those who may not have been there yet. Our annual BBQ meeting will be on August 24 at Wilshire Park on NE 33rd Avenue and NE Skidmore Street in picnic area “A”.

We have just completed the second Ultra marathon communications event at Mt. Hood. We have one more coming up on August 5 and 6 near Mt. St. Helens. These are so much fun, as well as rewarding and such great training for our members. If you have not yet volunteered for one, we encourage you to give it a try! We will partner you with an experienced operator. The race directors really appreciate our help keeping the runners safe, and being in touch with the aid station staff is paramount. We really appreciate all of those who have helped out!

The new MCARES Starlink satellite antenna went on its first outing last weekend! Deep in the woods of Mt. Hood national forest it found its buddies up in the sky and performed flawlessly. It was a valuable resource for an internet connection and internet phone service. One use case example was an injured runner’s wife wanted to inform other family members of his status and we were able to let her connect to our Starlink to make that call. This is another awesome communications tool for the MCARES trailer!

The 2023 Regional Template has just been released by Kent Powloski. There are several important changes to the Multnomah County frequencies, and our template master, Joe WA7FWC, is working on our local template. He should have his work completed very soon and we will let you know when it is available on our website. Thanks, Joe, for all your hard work!

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