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by Deb KK7DEB on 2020-10-11

The October 22nd meeting will on the air at MC1 (146.840). We will be practicing written voice traffic, so have your blank ICS213 and NTS radiogram forms close by to copy along.

Our sincere thanks again to our loyal and supportive members for a very successful “Donation Extravaganza”. All the prizes have been delivered to the winners and we raised about $1200. We are definitely planning a hotdog and burger get together as soon as this damnable COVID-19 gets out of here.

The next exercise is the Red, White, and Blue Mobile Chip Trip on Saturday, October 17, and the weather is looking good for that day. We look forward to seeing our masked members in person one more time this year. The ARES trailer will be at the Echo team location and Adam will give a tour of its newest upgrades. The prize for the most points has changed will be a $25 Visa gift card. Good luck to everyone!

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