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by Deb KK7DEB on 2018-11-20

Congratulations to MCARES for taking first place in the Statewide ARES 2018 Fall SET MacGyver task! It was a great team effort and we had 31 members help in the many roles of the relay. The grand prize was a SignaLink which we have already received. It will go to the Gresham EOC radio room.

We also completed the other elements of the SET and had many HF checkins from members at home. Robert did a fantastic job putting together a video documenting our approach to the MacGyver task. A special thanks to Adam and Carrie who were unable to attend but worked long hours on writing the drill guide to make sure we all knew what we were doing. Way to go everyone!

This was the last big exercise for the year and now we can all kick back and enjoy the holiday season. The final general membership meeting for the year will be November 29 and there will be no December meeting. The Leadership team meets on December 2 for a day-long planning session for 2019. The new training calendar will be decided as will be dates and times for special drills and events. The ARES newsletter will also resume in January.

Thanks to all our members for making 2018 one of our best. We increased our membership to 115 members and worked together to train and to become one of the best ARES units in the state!

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