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by Deb KK7DEB on 2015-01-16

Congratulations to Marino KG7EMV and Paul N7NTW on their license upgrades to General class. Welcome to our newest member Ross KD7TUR. Ross comes to us with a great deal of ham radio experience.

Michael AE7XP has been promoted to team leader of the Rover team. Now that the training program has been if effect for one year, the Rover team will consist of those who have their ARRO certification. Eli and I will work with any member seeking certification. There are several who are very close to this goal.

Many thanks to all who have helped to make the trailer project a reality. Your donations will create an awesome tool for new member recruitment and promotion of amateur radio as well as a portable net control station. I am looking forward to the next step of purchasing and equipping this great resource.

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