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by Deb KK7DEB on 2016-02-28

Please join me in welcoming our ten new members, Dez K7DEZ, Steven KG7VAS, Pat KA6PAT, Ian K6IBX, Pavel KG7LZB, Dan KD7OOB, Nick KG7ZEA, Joe WA7FWC, Dennis KG7VXJ, and Eugene KG7LYQ. Please reach out and greet them at the February meeting.

One of our 2016 goals is to expand our membership. If you know another ham, please encourage them to join us. Tell them how awesome we are and all the fun we are going to have this year. We are calling this the “Each One Reach One” campaign.

Another way we can increase our operational capacity is to expand our supporting member numbers with those who are interested but do not have their license yet. They can join now and be our loggers. This is also for those who do not ever want to get on the air but do want to support our cause. We will do a logging training just for these folks, so bring in your friends and relatives.

DO NOT LET YOUR ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP LAPSE! There are some members who are perilously close to losing their active status and some who already have. If you want to reactivate, let us know and make it your new year’s resolution to stay active. To maintain or reactivate your active status and stay on a team, you need to do six activities per year. This can be any combination of attending general meetings, participating in our drills and SETs, participating in any public service event as a radio operator, or being net control for a session of our weekly MCARES net. Remember, it is your responsibility to let us know if you participate in a public service event. Reactivating may be as simple as letting us know which events you participated in last year. If you are not sure what your status is, ask your team leader or email me at dprovo [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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