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by Deb KK7DEB on 2016-05-28

Welcome to David KC7YOE and Bert WA7HI who have reactivated their membership. We had six of our new members at the basics workshop on May 14 and they will return on May 22 to complete their ARRO certification. Thanks to Eli W7ELI for arranging and teaching this very important training.

Congratulations to Brian KE7QPV, Matthew AF7PV, Marino KG7EMV, Joel N7LF, Steve W7SRH, Eli W7ELI, Doug KG7MJJ, Deb KK7DEB, and Bert WA7HI who have all completed their Packet RMS Radio Operator certification. A big thanks to Adam KF7LJH for arranging this session on May 15 and for all his hard work in putting together this new aspect of our training program. It is hoped that many more of our members will seek this certification as RMS/Winlink is in great demand and sometimes preferred over voice.

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