District 1 News

by John KX7YT on 2015-12-21

First, thanks to James Bryant KD7WZI for his years of service to Oregon ARES and especially District 1.

Within recent weeks there have been lot of changes in Oregon ARES/RACES leadership. Bruce Bjerke K7BHB in Florence has been appointed to the top state position as Oregon Section Emergency Coordinator. One of his top priorities is to resurrect the District Emergency Coordinator structure within the state as most of these positions have been vacant for some time. As SEC, he has appointed me to the DEC-1 position. For the past several years, I have been in an Assistant SEC position organizing SETs.

Steve Taylor N7BEF has replaced Lynn Burrell KE7WME as Washington County EC. Lynn is now EC for the OEM Amateur Radio Unit in Salem.

I have been in ARES for many years in various positions and have been licensed for 45 years. I enjoy HF radio contesting as well. Thanks to all for your service.

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